Hi there! We’re Sacramento Bitcoin, an organization launched in January 2014 to help spread knowledge and local adoption of bitcoin, the world’s first peer to peer digital currency.

What is bitcoin? Head over to weusecoins.com to learn more. As we continue to develop this website, we will post MUCH more information right here!

Are you more of a hands-on learner? Join the Sacramento Bitcoin Meetup, and come meet other beginners and enthusiasts at one of our monthly gatherings.

Local Adoption

We plan to interview and blog about each local business in Sacramento that accepts bitcoin. See our “Spend Bitcoin” page for a list of current businesses and organizations. Are you a Sacramento business or organization interested in accepting bitcoin and want to learn more? Find us on twitter @SacBitcoin or email us at info@SacBitcoin.org and we will help you out!

Get Bitcoin

Want to get some bitcoin right now? You can instantly purchase using Circle.com and a credit or debit card,  or instantly in person at a local bitcoin ATM. After purchasing bitcoin anywhere, you should always transfer the bitcoin immediately to a secure wallet where you control the private key, preferably a Multi-Signature wallet. Want to learn more about those? Join us at a meetup, or ask a question on the meetup discussion board. You can find bitcoin ATM’s in other cities at CoinATMRadar.com.

The Sacramento Bitcoin Meetup is sponsored by Bitcoin42, which provides a zero-fee ATM at our meetup location, Capsity Offices (2572 21st Street, Sacramento, Hours: 9AM – 6PM, (916) 426-6008).